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I wanted to call it, The Only Thing You Need To Know To Mix & Match Separates, but my team thought that was too long?!? Whatever. 
Anyways, learn the best (and easiest) formula to turn separates into the most flattering outfit in your closet.

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A 5-Week Virtual Workshop That'll Take You From, I Have Nothing To Wear to Everything Hanging In My Closet Fits & Flatters Me & I Love To Wear It!
We Dive Deep Into Dressing For Your Body Shape, Finding Your Perfect Pants, A Work Wardrobe That Wows & Much More!
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I'm Angela. The girlfriend you love to take shopping. 

Welcome to Our Style Addiction - A different kind of style blog.
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Instead, every article is about YOU and helping you find your personal style so you always feel confident and look terrific.

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